PowerPlay Technologies, Inc.

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Who we are

We are revolutionizing modern play. PowerPlay is an educational technology company that has developed a way for children to use the outdoor world as their personal game console. With our proprietary motion sensors, they can respond to your every move, thus creating an immersive experience for children to learn and play.

Learn - play - connect

Our products bring children and families together to learn through play


Our Mission


Our aim at PowerPlay is to create a better playground experience.  The goal of every product is to combine active learning and engaging play in order to push the boundaries of the modern playground's capacity to entertain and educate. Our vision is that children will have access to the technological tools to realize their creativity and intelligence even when they are outside being active on the playground. Children already love creating their own games using typical playground equipment, so our goal is to provide them with more advanced and adaptable tools to enable their creativity to prosper further.  


The team


Eddie Futterman

Hermes Suen

Tommaso Lombardi

Nate Silberman

Eva Sachar

Zach Zager